Sunday 23 August 2020


It is so good to be back! The 14 August saw the first workshop at the yard:ARTspace, Cheltenham since March.
Every precaution was taken, cleaning, 
creating space and reducing the numbers of participants.
I hope I kept the spirit of the yard with an inspiring display of work.
A new edition is my favourite new thing, the Events Canopy. Set up in the yard itself creating a usable out door space.
Then we were set for 3 days of creating exciting sketch book pages.
Resists with embossing powder, oil pastel mono printing,
ink, bleach and of course
my statement technique
gum arabic transfer printing.
Over 3 days beautiful pages emerged
In a relaxed atmosphere.
The thing I really like about this workshop is sending people away with potential. It is ambitious to think you can finish a book in 3 days, but with the techniques learnt, there is scope to experiment at home.
I am very grateful to the people who came to the yard:ARTspace after such a break. The weekend was full of creativity, energy and fun.
The next Sketch Book Master class is in November, but there is only one place left.
But the yard:ARTspace, Cheltenham has lots of workshops and courses available check out for all the details.

I look forward to seeing you.


merchc said...

Amazing FIRST WORKSHOP AT the yard.

David said...

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