Tuesday 26 April 2022


I have new followers on Instagram and I am beginning to get out & about, getting my collagraphs into Printfest, SGFA Annual Open Exhibition and stocking galleries with new work.
So I thought it would be the right moment to introduce myself and my work...so hello, I'm Sue Brown!
I have been a printmaker for as long as I can remember and have been making collagraphs for around 25 years. Still learning...! I have a shed in my garden where I draw extensively developing ideas for my printmaking with the help of Iris.
I am inspired by process as much as nature. My work springs from the pages of my sketchbooks where I will use mixed media techniques to create rich surfaces. Paper lithography, paint and ink are layered until my images emerge.
I explore the relationships we have with our garden visitors and I am fascinated by all things ornithological and entomological. From the many moths and beetles that share our environment to

the smallest garden birds and characterful corvids.
From my sketchbook experiments I then create collagraph plates.
A collagraph is an intaglio plate made from card and textured materials that will leave an embossed image on paper when inked up and passed through an etching press.
Inking and printing happens down the road from my shed in the yard:ARTspace, Cheltenham. This is the studio where I teach Courses and Workshops in printmaking and mixed media techniques throughout the year.
The work I make are very limited editions of no more than 30 and you will find a selection of my work in  Montpelier Gallery, Stratford on Avon, Moss Prints , Cheltenham
Sky Blue Framing, Bristol and Oxenham Gallery, Leominster.

This is a brief version of what's happening in my printmaking life at the moment. I hope to see you at the yard:ARTspace or one of the events that are happening this month?


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