Wednesday 15 April 2015


I have to admit I have a penchant for cutting things out. 
This display shows a rare example of a square collagraph plate. The background rook and dove together with the foreground chickens show my usual shaped plates.
From time to time I can be caught creating a one off collagraph print by paper cutting the background,
as with this halloween commission for Moss Prints Gallery in Cheltenham.
I have recently created a suite of small birds with specifically designed paper cut backgrounds. These are a small edition of 10.
Even my enamel pieces can not escape this treatment, but I do have these pieces etched for me.
So as a serial offender and with a little time on my hands (?) I have subjected King of the Birds to a little hacking and slashing. 
I will show this 1/1 at Art in Action, 16-19 July,


Caroline said...

I think that is such a clever way of adding a balanced dramatic background/environment without overwhelming the print.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work!